Issues with HA running on docker

Hi all,

I moved from a RP3 to docker running on my NAS.

everything works great except few things that I cannot figure out:

At every restart automations are missing. I have to reload it from configuration tab to make them visible.
Images are gone also if I didn’t change anything in path or config.
Last but not least Tradfri doesn’t works also if it is correctly configured and the discovery component is active.

Can someone please support me?

Thank you in advance!!!


I am not sure I understand your first two issues.

About Tradfri - since you are using your NAS now which has a different IP than the one used by now,
I think you will have to disconnect your Tradfri GW,
delete tradfri configuration file in HASS config folder (.tradfri_psk.conf )
and then factory reset your Tradfri GW before adding it to HASS.

Hi RogueCrow,

sorry for bad explenations about the first 2 issue!

The first is quite weird. I have created a group called “all automations” to easy manage all my automations.

This group is not loaded when i reboot the ha within web interface (while all the others group are correctly loaded). To see it again I have to go to the configuration tap and manually reload automations…with this action the group magically reappears.

The second is related to the images in local path that are related to device trackers. With the config running on RPI3 I can see them. With the same config and the same path on Docker the photo are missing.

An update for the third issue: I deleted ".tradfri_psk.conf " and reloaded HA but I still can’t see it. For philips hue i didn’t had to factory reset Tradfri GW. I will this last step tonight!

Thank you!


The issue for the group not loaded where releated to a bad import from RPI3.

The issue for HUE and IKEA light where related to a old configuration:

Lights agaist the required Bridge for hue.
The same for TRADFRI.

Now everything works fine.