Issues with HAOS on PI5

Hello everyone,

first of all, sorry for my poor English. It’s not my native language, but I hope it’s still understandable.

I’m brand new to the Home Assistant world, and I’ve been trying things out a bit, but I’m kind of struggling. I hope I can get some help here.


  • Pi5 8GB
  • Original power supply (5.1V 5A)
  • SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.2 Flash Drive 128GB
  • GeeekPi Raspberry Pi 5 Aluminum case

I have a Raspberry Pi 5 with 8GB and the original 27W power supply. I installed the latest Home Assistant OS version using the Raspberry Pi Flasher. I installed this on a SanDisk 128GB USB 3.2 USB stick.

A fresh installation takes almost 40 minutes, and a complete reboot of the Pi 5 is not possible because the system doesn’t restart at all. When the system is installed on an SD card, it runs a bit faster at least.

I want to use the Pi for my smart home control. So far, I’ve been playing around with Adguard Home, One Drive Backup, and a bit of MQTT. Generally, that has worked.

Activating add-ons sometimes takes 3-4 minutes, if they start directly at all.

What have I done so far?

  • I’ve already updated the bootloader once.
  • Various re-installations of HAOS (via Raspberry Pi Imager)
  • Counter test with SD card (only slightly better)

Am I doing something wrong? Are there any tricks? Is it because of the USB stick or still because of the beta version of HA?

I would be very grateful for any help.