Issues with Home Assistant 0.37


I am having issues with my HA after upgrading it to 0.37 as I need to restart HA everything for it to work with my echo dot. I am using emulated hue.

Is anyone having similar issues?


If you didn’t set “type: alexa” on your emulated hue before restarting, then your devices have been given new IDs and will become invisible to your Echo. You just need to forget and discover and they’ll re-appear.

Breaking changes are listed on the blog post for each new release.

thanks for the reply!

I added “type:alexa” and still have the same issues until I reboot HA. In my log I get a message saying type alexa will be deprecated. So I removed “type:alexa” and still have the same problem !

If you restarted before you had “type: alexa”, then the toothpaste is already out of the tube. HASS refactored the emulated Hue IDs for your devices. Go with the non-Alexa (which as you note will be the norm from here on out) and re-discover from Alexa.

right ok will try that thanks !