Issues with Homematic IP Smoke-Detector Battery State


currently, I am facing an issue with my Homematic IP based smoke detectors.
since an update to the latest version 2021-10-4 everything was working normal, as far as I could see.

But since I’ve done an update of the HomeAssistant core and the OS, I can’t get the information of the Battery Status for most of the devices.

Right now, I have 7 Smoke-Detectors installed in different rooms.
As you can see, 6 of them reporting an Unknown state for the battery… only one of them is showing “normal”


But all of the devices seems to be available at all, since they do report a normal status

this is the working smoke detector in the Dev-Tools:

and this is the not working one:

Has anyone faced a similar issue recently?
Or does anyone have an idea what I could check?

The Homematic IP app doesn’t show any kind of issue… And I don’t beleive, that the batteries have failed (all of them were shown as normal shortly before… only one was unavailable - until I’ve made a restart of HomeAssistant.

But this time, even after several restarts, the status did not change.