Issues with Hue Firmware 1.116.3 Lights Respond Delayed

Hello everyone

Yesterday I installed an OTA update via Z2M on my Hue lights and bulbs. The firmware dates to the 20240329.

So far so good, I thought. Since a HA restart I have problems. The Hue lights react with a delay to commands such as on or off. Both from the dashboard and via remote control or switch. Or sometimes only on the second press. I still have an IKEA driver on the net, which reacts normally. Multiple restarts of HA didn’t help either.

Does anyone have the same problems with this firmware?

Can you actually undo such an OTA firmware update via z2m?

I updated all my Hue stuff yesterday, not noticing any lag.

Thank you for your message. Have you also performed a full system restart of Home Assistant since then? For me, the mistakes only came afterwards.

I just did a restart, not any difference. Have you looked in your logs to see if you find anything relevant?

I haven’t even checked the Z2M logs yet, I’m a fool. But I can only do that in 8-9 hours, when I’m back home.

There was nothing in the logs of Home Assistant.

The crazy thing is that after the updates everything was fine and all Hue worked normally. Only after the complete system shutdown and restart because of VM backup, the errors came.

So it looks like it’s not because of the firmware and I have to start a deep troubleshooting in my system.:confounded:

But first of all, thank you again.

Sure. I would guess the Z2M logs are the place to start, yes. Enable debugging logging.

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I will report. Thank you

Looks like a self-healing. After I left the system alone for a good 10 hours and did not use it, the malfunction disappeared and all Hues can be controlled completely normally again.

Maybe the automatic shutdown for the backup at night has messed up something. Although the firmware updates were shown as done, there may still be background processes running.

Thank God, I’m afraid of hours of troubleshooting. :sweat_smile:

the what now? :slight_smile:

I have Home Assistant as a VM under proxmox and at night proxmox shuts down the VM and creates a backup. The VM, i.e. Home Assistant, is then booted up again.