Issues with internet connectivity + can't restore back up

Not really sure where to start. Did a back up yesterday before installing an update to Local Tuya. After the update the add-on wanted to do the usual restart. After the restart the system was no longer available.

Double checked on my router to find the Pi4 was not being found on the network. The Pi is set to a specific IP on my router.

As such I connected the Pi to a screen to see if the Pi is starting. Pi is starting and loads however it gets stuck for ages trying to get a network and once started it doesn’t have a network. On the Pi it doesn’t show any IP’s addresses next to the two IPV4 addresses.

Thought I would backup a previous version to find I can’t restore a back up without an internet connection. I get an error about supervisor and the internet when I try to restore.

In terms of the installation it is a Pi4 16gig with an SSD. The set up has been running perfectly for about a year and a half.

I’ve tried using a two different network cables, I’ve tried plugging the network cable into multiple different ports on my switch, I’ve tried plugging the network cable directly into the router instead of the switch. I turned off the DHCP designation and I’ve tried rerunning the network on the Pi in HA command prompt.

Not sure what to try next?

Any ideas on getting the network up and running from the command line or getting a backup to run without internet would also be helpful.

Hopefully someone has some ideas. Thanks in advance.