Issues with mqtt sensor

i have a sensor that i created to look at topic that is showing a numeric value. the value is created in node red and sent via a mqtt node to my mosquito mqtt broker. I know that the broker can see this because when I use my mqtt explorer to listen to the topic the value shows up. I would like an extra set of eyes on this as this is my first sensor that I have set up this way. any insight is helpful.

i am runninng

Home Assistant 2023.2.5
Supervisor 2023.04.1
Operating System 9.5
Frontend 20230202.0 - latest

Mosquitto broker
Current version: 6.1.3

here is my config file entry for the sensor

- name: ‘Master Bath Duepoint’
state_topic: “masterbath/duepoint”
unique_id: masterbath123

when i look for the topic “masterbath/duepoint” via my mqtt explorer i get the following




So i know that the topic has a value and is up dated every second ( i have it set high just to test and verify working) but when look at the entity “sensor.master_bath_duepoint” it gives unknown info.

thanks for taking a look



  1. Format your code in your post properly: see here
  2. Paste in a screenshot of the topic including the value in MQTT Explorer
  3. Check that you only have one top-level mqtt: declaration in configuration.yaml
  4. Check you have set up the MQTT broker under Settings / Integrations

Also, if you’re talking humidity, the term is “dew point”: is this as simple as a mis-spelling at one end not matching the other?

MQTT Integration for me (running it in a separate container on my NAS) looks like this:

sorry about that here is my intgration


sorry about that just learned how to screen shot lol


here is my mqtt explorer

here is my config file for the sensor


here is the entity

sorry for the multiple posts i would let me put them on one post


Do your shellies work ?


but i have not switched them over to mqtt because they are working through the shelly integration and as you can see I’m not confident in my mqtt abilities

when i listen to the topic via the mqtt integration i can see the data. i just can figure how to make the sensor see the data

here is a shot of the information i get on the entity


I can’t see anything wrong with what you’ve done. Anything in your logs?