Issues with Nanoleaf

With the “new” component for Nanoleaf i have some issues. When ill add the api-key and run a config check, it says that is the wrong key… But its the only key ill get when I’m running the command in postman.

Anyone got an idea what could be wrong?


checking the config will not check the api-key. it checks the shape of the yaml. This means your spacing and keywords for the component are incorrect. Please post your yaml and format it with </> so we can verify that you formatted it correctly.

So this is the config

 - platform: nanoleaf_aurora
   api_key: !secret nanoleaf
   name: Aurora

And when ill check the config ill get this:
Invalid config for [light.nanoleaf_aurora]: required key not provided @ data[‘token’]. Got None. (See ?, line ?). Please check the docs at

Yeah you are missing the nanoleaf_aurora token. It’s spelled out in the documentation:

  - platform: nanoleaf_aurora
    token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Check the documenation to find out how to get the token. Also you are giving it extra keys that are not part of the configuration. api_key is not supported and neither is name.

Damn, well ive try that when ill get home. The first thing you get blind on…