Issues with RATGDO using ESPHome

So I have my RATGDO board flashed with ESPHome which I did from the ESPHome ratgdo page. The board I have is this one:
My opener is a LiftMaster Scurity+ 1.0 (Purple learn button). After I flash the board using the github link above, ESPHome will see the device and I am able to control things from devices and services:

The problem I am running into is when I go to ESPHome in the left menu, I see the discovered device, but as soon as I click the Adopt link, it flashes the firmware again, I assume with changes for the adoption, but after that it does not work.
It won’t connect to my router and I cannot control it. I have restarted home assistant. It appears to fall back to captive portal mode as I can see a “ratgdov2.5i_885dfd” access point from my phone. When I connect to that, the IP that the captive portal issues my phone is, but when I try to go to chrome and go to I don’t get anything. I have also tried as I have seen that used at times for various captive portal devices (not necessarily on Hom Assistant). Then I am forced to jumper GPIO-0 to ground which is a bit of a pain and then re-flash using the github tool again.

Can anyone tell me how I can get this officially adopted into my setup? I mean I have it working just doing the flash and then not adopting it, but my guess is that it doesn’t get ESPHome firmware updates when they are pushed out.

Let me know if there is any other information you need from me. THANKS