Issues with RF Bridge and 433 motion sensor?

I have bought Sonoff RF Bridge (flashed with Tasmota already) and 433 PIR sensor (Battery based). Based on AliExpress description this sensor uses 433MHz EV1527 coding which is supported by Sonoff RF bridge, however in my case once it detects movement, nothing appears in RF Bridge’s console, only red light blinks on the sensor. I have tried to use my garage remote control and it seems to share codes on RF bridge. Did I buy faulty unit or I miss something?

Here is a short video that shows the issue:

Thanks for any help!

Did you also flash the RF chip with Portisch, per the “Rf chip firmware upgrade” section of the guide? I believe doing this allows the device to receive (understand) a much wider array of RF protocols.

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Thank you! I will take a look!