Issues with SmartThings integration.. "The token does not have the required OAuth scopes"

Good evening,
I have recently had to re-install Home Assistant (installed on top of Debian) and am in the
process of adding back SmartThings, but when entering the generated token I receive the
error noted…

SSL is up and running and I have actually tried integrating with/without utilizing Nabu Casa…

Has anyone ran into a similar issue? When trying to find an answer, all I’m seeing is to ‘redo
the token’. I think I’ve tried about 30 times now. =/

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, I have ran out of ideas.

  • Will

I hate to ‘bump’ this thread, but I am out of ideas. I’ve tried everything
documented on the forums relating to other issues similar to mine…

Has anyone ran into this error before?