Issues with Transition


I am running a dimmable light in our sleeping room - and trying to implement some turn on and turn off scripts that should be triggered on certain occasions.

the Script should use transition to fade the lights on - and off…

It should fade on when the alarm clock goes - and the “ON” Transition seems to work just as expected…
But the light should also fade off - and it seems, that this does - for what ever reason - does not work…

every time, when I trigger the script, the light will be just shut off immediately, without any visible transition…

Here’s my script:

alias: Light_turn_off
  - service: light.turn_off
      transition: 200
      entity_id: light.switch_light_sleepingroom
mode: single
icon: mdi:ceiling-light-outline

The dimmable switch is a HomeMatic Dimmable switch - it does support transition, as I can see when the light will be turned on…
I just don’t understand why it is not working the opposite way

Any Idea?

closed - in this case, it was an issue with the integration of the device :slight_smile:

Could you explain more how you solved your problem?

I actually have the problem, since November/December 2022, that my bedlamp dimmer doesn’t respect the transition time anymore. Instead of dimming up during 5 minutes, it goes immediately to the brightness set in the script.

Hi, as mentioned, this was an issue with the integration itself - in my case, the custom component for Homematic (IP) local…

So, they had to fix the issue, since “transition_off” was buggy… there.