Issues with WeMo after update to 0.80.x

Anyone else having issues with WeMo after upgrading to 0.80.0 to 0.80.2. My devices are no longer found by Home-assistant.

My Wemo mini switch/plug device is found - but can’t connect. And spams my logs every 60 seconds at minimum (usually much more) - think it has something to do with SSL but unsure. It’s been doing this for awhile though - 0.80.2 didn’t change that. I gave the device a static IP and call it in my config but it didn’t help. I’ve read all the threads on Wemo issues, and none of the potential fixes have helped. The switch can be controlled some of the time, depending on how long its been since I restarted Hassio. Really frustrating… so far its the only device having these issues.