Issues with Wireguard using Adguard Home for DNS


I’m having issues with DNS when I try to connect to my HA instance remotely using the Wireguard community addon together with Adguard Home.

In the Wireguard addon, I have configured to use for DNS (as suggested in the Wireguard addon docs). I don’t have any specific entries for allowed IPs or client IPs.

When I connect to Wireguard remotely, I am able to access local addresses in a browser on my mobile device, so it seems like the Wireguard connection itself is functioning. However, while connected to Wireguard, I can’t access any external sites at all. The browser reports name resolution failure. As soon as I disconnect from Wireguard, all works as expected.

When on home Wi-Fi, I’m using Adguard for DNS for all devices, and all seems to work fine for Internet access and ad blocking.

So, there seems to be some issue specific to the interaction between Adguard Home and Wireguard.

Any guidance is appreciated.

HA Instance Info:

RPi 3b+
HA 2021.3.4
Wireguard addon 0.5.0
Adguard Home addon 4.0.0

Since adguard home 4.0.0 now runs on the host network instead of the hassio one like before you can’t use that ip for DNS anymore. See my conversation here on the wireguard support thread. You have to update the addon and the clients to use the LAN ip address of homeassistant now.

EDIT: For future reference, my reason as to why it broke was incorrect. Sinclairpaul pointed out to me that it always ran on the host network, the new thing is how it binds to the host’s network interface. But the solution is the same in the end, Adguard is no longer listening on and you have to use the LAN address instead.


Hi guys, I’m hoping you can assist me in looking at my settings and letting me know if everything looks correct? I have it set up to what I believe it should be. I’ve forwarded port 51820. I am running adguard and wireguard on a Raspberry pi 4 Home Assistant (supervised) I can connect to my home network via wireguard from my data connection on my phone but its not using adguard to block any traffic.

My Raspberry pi ip address is (static)
I’ve created 3 clients in wireguard but as of now I’m on using the S10 one. I’ve changed the DNS server ip on this client within the app on my S10 from to the ip of my Rpi4 but its still not blocking ads or websites. Any ideas for a rookie?