Issues with zigbee2mqtt on hassion with xiaomi motion sensor

Hello guys, really need your help. I managed to link my xiaomi motion sensor with zigbee2mqtt and I can see that sensor is working on zigbee2mqtt add-on logs, but for some reason I cannot find motion state on hassio entities… Don’t understand what I did wrong. Maybe something is not connecting between hassio and zigbee2mqtt app?
Here you can see that device was found and shows info, but when I look for entity, I cannot find anything… Like it only exists on this add-on logs…

In the configuration.yaml of zigbee2mqtt, is this line present :
homeassistant: true

never mind, found issue. Had to go to core config entries and change mqtt discovery to true… strange, looks like it was not enough to add it to main configuration. Now all entities works fine and are available, just battery indicator shows only % symbol, no number.