Ista EcoTrend Integration in 2024.7.1

I try to setup the ista EcoTrend Integration, but always failed with wrong User/Password error:Not all mandatory fields are filled in.
Unfortunately, the documentation is not very detailed on that point. My ista account (ista App and Homepage) is setup with 2FA, maybe that’s the problem?

I have the exact same issue. However, I do not have 2FA set up. I do use the Danish version if Ista Ecotrend, so perhaps that is the issue?

Looking at the code it seems to be hitting the German webpage: core/homeassistant/components/ista_ecotrend/ at 4c1cb6cce801024c783270b3131b09479b523f55 · home-assistant/core · GitHub so it might not work in other countries.

That’s the page, to create your online account, not directly the login page. Maybe that address isn‘t correct at all

That is the only URL I can find.

I looked at the HACS integration: GitHub - Ludy87/ecotrend-ista: ecotrend-ista Home Assistant Integration which seems to have support for other countries, but not DK as the URL is missing in the options: ecotrend-ista/custom_components/ecotrend_ista/strings.json at d900eab74f170b8e611261a65383ff857a6f9cad · Ludy87/ecotrend-ista · GitHub

After deactivating 2FA, I was able to setup the integration. Unfortunately, the Integration works only if 2FA is off, after turn on 2FA again, Integration comes up with authentication error on reload. :frowning: So, for Germany Ista works, but no 2FA.

Yes, 2FA is not yet supported.

(see one of the comments by tr4nt0r)

Thanks @AleXSR700, I will watch the progress on that issue, on GitHub.

Currently only the german ecotrend portal is supported, ecotrend in other countries have their own logins and API. If someone is able to help out with setting up test-accounts, or sharing their own login credentials with me, i can try to reverse-engineer the API and maybe extend support to other countries. If someone is willing to do that, contact me on discord (same username)

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