ISY-994i or Insteon Hub

I’ve currently got an Insteon Hub (2245-222) configured with quite a few switches, door sensors, motion detectors, etc, and everything is working flawlessly via the SmartHome app. Now I know that Insteon Hub support for HA isn’t working for various reasons, but there is some work in progress to get it working better.

I also have a brand new ISY-994i with PLM, which currently isn’t hooked up at all.

My question is, should I hold off and wait for better support to be added for the Insteon Hub component, or should I spend a solid day (maybe more), to remove the hub and convert everything over to the ISY?

At this point I have no training, or even documentation on how to configure or setup the ISY, though I’m confident I can figure it out.

Well, after about 6 hours of reconfiguration, a few headaches, and moments of frustration and despair, I finally converted all of my insteon devices over to the ISY, and would like to report that everything is working better than expected! The ISY supports every device I have, out of the box. The ISY user manual and wiki were a big help.

For anyone who’s interested, here’s the ISY-994i manual:
Their wiki can be found here:

Also, I just ordered their Z-Wave add-on module, which will allow the ISY-994i to also act as a Z-Wave controller. This completely alleviates the need for a separate Z-Wave controller via USB or what not. More info on this device, where to order, how to install, can be found here:

I am a nobee and have isy with insteon devices. I have Hassio up and running on a pi3 but have no idea how / where to implement, could you help with config files? I need a push start!!!

@JimF This post is a year old, why don’t you make a new post in the configuration section…