ISY994 and Groups not triggering all entities

Has anyone else run into the issue with turning on/off a group of ISY994 devices and not all of the devices turning on or off? I have a few groups with 5-7 ISY switches and when I trigger the group on or off the group leaves 1-2 devices in the existing state. If I trigger it a second time it gets the next two devices… it seems like an ISY communication issue but there should be some checking or validation i’m thinking.

Are you referring to the group toggle at the top of group cards, or an insteon scene comprised of multiple devices and presented to HA as a single device?

Group toggle of individual insteon devices, no scenes being triggered.

Here is a config snippet.

name: Kitchen Lights
view: no
- light.kitchen_island_lights
- light.kitchen_recessed_lights_2
- switch.kitchen_counter_lights
- light.kitchen_sink_light_2
- switch.kitchen_table_chandelier
- light.kitchen_table_recessed_lights
- light.kitchen_desk_recessed_light

each of those entities are individual insteon devices in an ISY994 controller… strangly enough, the same two devices ( switch.kitchen_counter_lights, light.kitchen_sink_light_2) keep getting missed in this group. When I hit them manually they turn on / off but group toggle skips them.

No too sure.

I’m fairly certain, using the group toggle, it basically tells HA to run thru each entity and call the service for each one. This in turn calls the ISY rest api. Depending on what version of the ISY software your running, it could be the ISY is dropping the network request, or the INSTEON signal is getting lost do the number of requests that is going out the wire.

Did you check your HA logs for any errors? You might need to change to log level of the ISY component to get more information.

Looking through the logs, HA sends the request but the ISY doesnt respond back with a success… it seems like its when there is a batch so maybe its too many requests at once? the Rest API from the ISY isnt even responding back so maybe this is something that can be addressed in the HA component?