It is possible to simulate a Google assistant command with a written message?

Similar to the Google Assistant app where if you type a command it will do the same thing as if you had said the command instead… I would like to have automations that simulate a voice command to Google Assistant

What I’m trying to accomplish is not having to say “listen to 106.7 on iheartradio” everything morning to my Google Home. I’d like to just have it turn on at a specific time every day.

I had this working a couple months ago using a different method. Iheartradio had stream links that I was just loading with media_player but iheartradio seems to have changed those so I need an alternate way.

Please post if you have any ideas. Thank you

Is this possible? iheartradio still hasn’t made it so browsers can play the station I want to listen to on browsers. You can only play it through their app which apparently it considers google home. I just want to make my google home think I’m saying “list to 106.7 on iheartradio” every weekday at 6:30AM. I just need the action portion of this.

Well an easy hack would be to simply playback a recording on a different loudspeaker :slight_smile: Another Google Home for example…

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That is an interesting idea. I will try it, thanks!