It shouldn't be so hard to remember/set the notify.mobile_app parameters

Every time I make a push notification with additional data included I need to look up the documentation. There are a lot of things that are nested under data and it would be great if there was a placeholder or additional text fields as checkboxes. Specifically, actionable notification data is what I always forget, but it’s not uncommon for me to also need a refresher on how to layout url, tag, and the clear_notification command.

Great request, would also lead to more users discovering features here!

Probably a better and more general version of my post: WTH aren't mobile actionable notifications easier

Might also wan to consider up voting documentation.

I have implemented part of this :blush:

Below PR adds the various notification commands as device actions, meaning you don’t need to dig into the documentation to find out how to turn off DND.