iTach WF2IR integrtation

Hi there, for some reason my configuration for this remote is not functioning and I can’t figure out why. I’ve tested the iTach and confirmed it is properly on the network and can receive commands via GC’s iTest tool. I’m not getting activity on the device when calling the Service using remote:send_command.

Can anyone help point out what may be wrong?

  - platform: itach
      - name: Family Shade
        modaddr: 1
        connaddr: 1
          - name: "Open"
            data: "0000 0069 0008 0000 032a 010e 005a 010e 005a 005a 0168 005a 005a 00b4 005a 005a 005a 005a 00b4 0168" # Scene 3
          - name: "HalfOpen"
            data: "0000 0069 0007 0000 032a 010e 005a 010e 005a 005a 0168 005a 005a 005a 010e 010e 005a 0168" # Scene 4
          - name: "Closed"
            data: "0000 0069 0006 0000 032a 010e 005a 010e 005a 005a 0168 005a 005a 005a 021c 01c2" # Scene 5

I don’t think I’ll be much help here…your configuration looks fine (FYI I use the GC100). I have had issues with the itach driver that HA uses. After I reboot the HA machine, things work fine for a couple of send commands, then thing just stop working. Its not clear that you’ve gotten to that point yet. Maybe also show what your service call looks like.

No error message, but also no response and no activity on the iTach with this service call:


I’m not sure if this is the problem, but maybe add the device parameter. Here is what my service call looks like (in YAML):

      - service: remote.send_command
          entity_id: remote.sharptv
          device: remote.sharptv
          command: INPUTVIDEO6

Thanks for sending this… I removed the space in the entity name and rebooted. I then added the device entry to the service call. Same result - no error, no activity. I made sure to confirm the iTach was online.

At this point, I’m wondering if it isn’t due to the driver as you mention. I saw another thread that mentioned this was a known and unresolved issue. I am willing to believe there are a pretty good number of folks using the GC devices.

The driver in my experience should still work at least some of the time.
If you are a bit technical and like to tinker, you can try out the test code for the driver

And/Or you can try out my fix for the driver: