Italian Metersit DomusNext G4 Gas Meter

Hi all,
I’m trying to integrate the data from my new gas meter into home assistant. This is the model they just installed:

I’m wondering if somebody had any luck with it ?

I’m going to trying playing with this:

I will report back if I find something. In the meantime, any advice is appreciated!


Hi Thomas,

have you got luck with it?
My house has the same Gas Meter series (Metersit G6 GPRS) and I was trying to get the data in HA.
Please, let me know what you discover so we can try to work together on it :slight_smile: but from what I understand I’m already out because not having MBUS series… :expressionless:

Please be aware that your G4 is using MBUS Narrowband which works on 169MhZ Frequencies. The im871A does only support mbus over 868MhZ, so it will not work.
You need to buy an AMB3665 dongle for that.
I’ve got a different Gas Meter (SamGas - Pietro Fiorentini) and already doing some research to decode the protocol (I’m already logging some telegrams, many of them from a metersit G4 like yours).
You can find my issue on wmusmeters github here:

I did not manage to get it to work… Probably PxPert is correct.
I’m tempted to use this other dongle, but it’s a bit expensive for a not so well documented use case that could lead nowhere…

Hi, could you tell me what mode you are using, which gives you reading from the metersit G4. n1a, n1f… ? Thanks

I’m interested in this device too :+1: