Italian Open Meter 2.0 and Chain 2 protocol

Hi all,
I just read something about the possibility, in Italy, to read values directly from the power meter using the “Chain 2” communication protocol.

For what I can see, it is still experimental, but some companies are already selling a domestic device able to talk to a smartphone app about energy consumption, real-time energy draw, alerting when the drawn power exceeds the maximum contractualized power.
Any italian here tried to use those new devices and integrate with Home Assistant?
The company “MAC Srl” is publishing the data sheets of two products, a plug device and a DIN rail device, that seem interesting:

They support Wi-Fi and BLE, MQTT, Websocket, REST API…

Anyone has experimented those devices?


You need to be an “authenticated” company/entity to have access to the Chain 2 specs and be able to read the values from the Open Meter counter.
There is an Italian company that sells a device able to do so and that can be integrated into HA: