Items show up in Deconz & ZHA, how to remove from one of them?

My main Zigbee network is Deconz based. Then the following things “happened” :slight_smile:

  1. Tuya smart knob
    I recently bought some Tuya knobs. I first tried to add one in Deconz. It was detected, but it wasn’t really supported functionally. So I removed it.

I bought a Skyconnect (thinking of future proofing with matter/thread support) and configured ZHA. There setting up the knob went fine. Eventually I want to migrate everything to ZHA/SkyConnect, but not yet.

  1. An Innr smart plug broke (the second one already, the relais are very unreliable, zigbee part still continues to work). So I though, let’s add the new replacement smart plug to ZHA instead of Deconz. Tried that. Didn’t really work well, because I forgot the ZHA/SkyConnect network does not have any repeating devices, so connectivity was poor to say the least. Removed it again from ZHA and added it in Deconz.

But… These devices now keep showing up in both integrations… How do I:

  • Remove the Smart Knob from Deconz (it’s not in Phoscon/Deconz add on itself), remove orphaned devices service also does not remove it
  • Remove the Smart Plug from ZHA, it shows up as offline in the ZHA visualisation

There is a remove option, but it’s not clear what will happen, whether it will remove it from only one integration, and if so, from which. Or whether it will remove it from both integrations.


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