Iterate through group of light

Hi everyone,

It’s been a long time now I’ve been looking for this and I can’t figure out how to achieve this.

I currently run a script every evening that decreases my lights brightness every 5 mins until they’re all “off” and I like that my living room slowly dims the light off at bedtime.
I’ve already set the bedtime as a parameter using time helper.

The point is I had currently hardcoded the script with all the light concerned, it works but I’m feeling bad about the way I achieve this. I don’t like the idea I would need to modify the script every time I Add/Remove a light in the living room, or that I should do another script for any room I’d want to replicate this behavior.

I’d like to modify this script like receiving a group/room as an input so it goes like :

var group = !input light_group
  Foreach light in group:
  end foreach
until group is off

Any idea how I could script this in a elegant way ?

Thanks !

Post the script you are currently using (I assume by “script” you mean the Scripts integration).

Hi Taras,

Thanks for your interest, I actually run this in nested scripts

This one just decrease all the light in my living room

  alias: Decrease bulbs brightness
  - type: brightness_decrease
    device_id: f5614aebbf231b024f9ab5faec9f03e9
    entity_id: light.plafonnier_5
    domain: light
  - type: brightness_decrease
    device_id: 866381bc05bbd394efba5c606bcf80a6
    entity_id: light.plafonnier_3
    domain: light
  - type: brightness_decrease
    device_id: 69a1b213be17d1d425bc82d34cdf7779
    entity_id: light.light_desk
    domain: light
  - type: brightness_decrease
    device_id: 022fc14b088841a92bd6707a9593839e
    entity_id: light.lampe_table_a_manger_2
    domain: light
  - type: brightness_decrease
    device_id: c03adab590e55803e29dbe2d3aa7c619
    entity_id: light.bar_4
    domain: light
  - type: brightness_decrease
    device_id: f54afd1b2ae8e6f8f96190d679dfcbe3
    entity_id: light.ruban_led
    domain: light
  - type: brightness_decrease
    device_id: ff90cb46e2c661466f6178367ee9f51d
    entity_id: light.tv_bulb
    domain: light
  - type: brightness_decrease
    device_id: 53c08ccf93a44ed10cb2d477b90c5b11
    entity_id: light.halogene
    domain: light
  mode: queued
  max: 10

It is called every 5 min by this one until my group is off :

  alias: Slowly turn off lights
  - repeat:
      - condition: state
        entity_id: group.livingroom_bulbs
        state: 'off'
      - service: script.decrease_brightness_livingroom
        data: {}
      - delay: 00:05:00
  - type: turn_off
    device_id: b7ca3a091f0672fb1efdedded7cd85e7
    entity_id: switch.guirlande
    domain: switch
  mode: single

Don’t pay attention to the last action, I have a light strip on a connected plug so I just turn it off once every light is off. But this has nothing to do with my purpose of iterate the decrease_brightness through a group of light.

And yep you’re right I made those scripts with the script integration “UI” but I don’t mind going with YAML script. I’m not just very familiar with the YAML script syntax yet, especially when it comes to template.

Thanks for your help