ITHO Daalderop FAN RF remote with C1101 and ESP8266

here same issue comming from domoticz and migrating to Hassio

Martin, finally had some time to play arround again. This should now be possible. They have released a new library ( you coud specify the send ID of you device, I will try to integrate this new library so we can use this in the future. Meanwhile i first implemented to long waiting “fix” for OTA updates.

Just released a new verion for ESPHOME


  • New ITHO LIB is used, so the sendID can can be set, so it is possible to use this for several units, as long the sendID differs
  • OTA can now be done without any problems

@jodur, thank you so much! Works great! Now i can control both fans separately. I use a external C02 meter to ramp the fan up when the value gets to high.

My lovelace interface:

Hi All,

Is there a option that you can add HA as a virtual Remote into the ITHO ESP?
I have now 2 remotes in ESP added. But want HA also in to this. So when I use HA to control the remote, I see in MQTT the unit back in the payload.


I ran into 2 warnings during compile. One related to a deprecated function and one related to missing IthoStandby/DucoStandby.
Fixed them with partial success. Warnings are gone, Standby switch visible, but result for the switch is same as using the low setting.

I know there is a setting to switch it off (it works from my remote, and also worked in the ESPEasy version I was using before swithching to ESPHome)

Any idea where to look to figure out the right setting?

Is it possible to add the fan as a fan instead of a switch?

Hi @Hiker,

I am at the exact same point now you were in November last year. I can turn the ITHO on/off through Home Assistant, but the speed will remain low and I haven’t found a way yet to change this to be used in automation.

Have you found a solution in the meanwhile?


Alright, it’s fixed. Checked the dupont cables, one was maybe not properly connected, was able to gather the RF id of the remote, added it in ESPEasy, then calling services through HomeAssistant to control fan speed. Works perfectly!

Thanks for the code! I was able to control my Itho fan with your code via Home Assistant after soldering a C1101 to a Wemos D1 mini. A few small questions and things that don’t work:

  1. I have an Itho fan with a humidity sensor, so the fan ramps up after someone takes a shower. With the current code I can only set the fan to low/medium/high, not to auto. Ideally I would like to be able to set the fan to high when the living room CO2 gets too high, but revert to auto instead of low. Do you have an idea what would be required to implement that? I’m happy to write code and test to make it work, but guidance would definitely be appreciated.
  2. When I change the fan speed with the Itho remote, or when the Itho sensor adjusts the speed, I don’t see this reflected in Home Assistant. Is this to be expected, is this only supposed to work when you have multiple boards with your code running on it? I can see the fan speed reflected on one of the Itho sensors, so the unit does send out its current state, but it might just not be processed by your program?

Thanks in advance!

The ESPEasy repo shared in this thread does not work with older ECO FAN units, it seems to only work with ECO RTF units (built after 2012).

I have an ECO-FAN 2 at home, and after a lot of debugging, and even going as far as looking at the different protocols that the included fan controller, and the esp8266-c1101 combo, through a signal analyzer, i can say that mine uses a different frequency and protocol.

I can copy-paste from some websites, but TLDR, there exists two variants of the same protocol.

(Dutch comment talking about this, and similar comment, but in english)

Edit: Looking further, there are upgrade boards available to update the fan to receive commands from the new protocol (and remotes), but they’re pricy, around 70 euros here. (The dutch site where I got them had two variants, for slightly newer ones, and for slightly older ones, check the exact product number on the fan before you buy either of them)

Edit 2: Nevermind, that “older one” is about an upgrade from no-remote to the older RF standard, its not the upgrade to RFT that in mind.

Because of this, i’ve made an issue in the ESPeasy repo to add support for the older standard.

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Update: I have figured out the older RF protocol for anyone who would like to take a crack at it and add it to ESPEasy and the likes.

hi all,

does someone know what the MQTT json look like when you want publish from HA to ITHO to start the timer for 10min?

Can we make a summary post for newcomers how to build the ITHO Daalderop FAN RF remote?

  • what do I buy?
  • which ESPHOME source code must be used? Which wiring goes with the library?
  • how do I get the code in the ESP8266?

For newcomers it must be puzzling.

A comparison between the code from jodur and arjenhiemstra may also be helpful. I don’t have an overview of what is going on so I am not the best person to write such a summary post.

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Thank You so much for bringing this up.
I can’t get my head around it anymore.
All the little tweaks they have made yo make it work even better.

Hope someone is willing to share a clear guideline.

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I started putting all information I know on [GUIDE] Controlling ITHO Daalderop fan with ESP8266 and CC1101
This post is in the Community Guides section. This means that everyone can change this post. Please feel free to add/modify the post to keep the information up to date.

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Published my automation which controls my Itho fan on [GUIDE] Controlling Itho Daalderop fan with ESP8266 and CC1101 - #2 by mchangsp

Hey duboiz, did you ever get this fixed?

Hi all.

I have a itho daalderop optima inside cve co2 installed at home and this looks like a fun (and somewhat daunting) project. I don’t have any experience with ESP, nor much knowledge in the way of coding nor soldering but I thinkl I would like to give this a try.

I have found the equipment needed (I think).

Can someone double check for me these bits are OK for the project?


Breadboard DUPONT cable

CC1101 Wireless Module

Thank you :slight_smile:

I also got it to work with my itho daalderop eco fan, I believe it’s from 2009 and it says CVE ECO 2E on the type plate. I used the ESPHome version and this excellent tutorial: GitHub - Scriptman/ESPHome_ITHO_Eco_Fan_CC1101: Library for NodeMCU ESP8266 in combination with Hassio Home Assistant ESPHome ITHO Eco Fan CC1101 (Including older Eco fans!)

@nckslater yes those are the right components. I cut the female dupont cables in half then soldered them to the CC1101.