ITHO Daalderop FAN RF remote with C1101 and ESP8266

Bought all the hardware on AliExpress.


Hi Jodur,

I switched over to your ESPHOME / HA version.
Works great but I have a feature request if possible. (I hope i can make a request)
I used to have a Standby mode. With my old firmware./ library (non ESPHOME)
My ITho (when in this Standby mode) then switches to a even lower fan mode then Low.


Standby (lowest speed) / REQUEST
Low (low speed)
Medium (medium speed)
High (high speed)
Then offcourse the timers and join etc.

Is it possible to implement a Standby in this ESPHOME version?

Thanks and greetingz…


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Hi there,

Has anyone succesfully paired the C1101 and an Itho eco-fan p-001 (older itho)?
i’m stuggeling for days with all the different versions of EPhome, Espeasy…but with no result for now.
Or does anyone know the best version to use so my changes of pairing are the highest


Update… solved…
I deleted all my files, started over with this version: GitHub - Scriptman/ESPHome_ITHO_Eco_Fan_CC1101: Library for NodeMCU ESP8266 in combination with Hassio Home Assistant ESPHome ITHO Eco Fan CC1101 (Including older Eco fans!)
If you follow this guide one on one… is works like a charm for the Itho eco-fan p-001.

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I made it myself easy to bought an Itho CVE RFT WiFi add-on from for my CVE ECO 2SP box.
In HA I get 1 entity ‘fan.itho_fan’ with the following attributes:

Attributes of fan.itho_fan:
percentage: 10
percentage_step: 1
preset_mode: null
Speed status: 4.5
Internal fault: 0
Frost cycle: 0
Filter dirty: 0
friendly_name: Itho fan
supported_features: 1

Now I want to replace attribute 'precentages to a text value. My itho does not give me a status of high, medium or low, but only a percentage.
So therefore I created a template sensor like below;

  - platform: template
          friendly_name: Ventilatorstand
          value_template: >-
              {% if is_state_attr('fan.itho_fan', 'percentage', '0') %}
              {% elif is_state_attr('fan.itho_fan', 'percentage', '10') %}
              {% elif is_state_attr('fan.itho_fan', 'percentage', '100') %}
              {% endif %}

The result should be visible in the following card, but I get no result:

type: custom:minimalistic-area-card
title: Bathroom
image: local/img/bathroom.jpg
  action: navigate
  navigation_path: /lovelace-bathroom
  - entity: sensor.fan_stage
    icon: mdi:fan

Where do I make a mistake?

Everything is working here as well. Only my remotes are not seen at all…

I lost and don’t know how to solve.

In past used ESPeasy, but wemos d1r1 board died… haha

solved. There was a wire broken inside plastic. After used new wires everything was working!