It's possible to save sensor configuration in HA?

It’s possible to save multiple sensor configurations in HA and swap those?
Let me explain: I have a load cell with a working code. This code has two buttons: auto-tara and manual tara…and it’s working perfectly.

But my idea is to use this load cell to manage and keep records of my 3d printer spools. So the idea is that each spool have one sequential number (or ID number) that I select in HA in order to keep records.

Spool 1: when brand new, I need to inset into my load cell and do the ‘tara’ to record the full weight of spool. Do this for all spools…
Then, while using, insert the spool again into load cell and select the correct spool ID in HA, so the load cell will load the correct tara for that spool…and so on.

Is that possible?
I now that I can call services from and to esphome/HA…and maybe using an helper to store values…but the problem is that my number of spool is variable. I’m not happy with the idea to create an helper for each spool, manually.
Is there any alternative?