It's time for the update. RPi 3 -> NUC 10?

I’m using HassOS for 1and 1/2 years on a RPi 3. The Web Interface is getting slow and I think my SD Card is slowly dying. Now I would like to upgrade to a reliable solution with minimal maintenance.

Most Time I read that a NUC is Overkill, but in my Opinion the best solution for low maintenance
and reliability. With a RPi4 I had to boot from an external SSD and I think there are some difficulties with IO.

ATM I plan to buy an NUC 10 i3 because I have 8GB Ram lying around from my MacMini 2018. Are there any know Issues with a NUC10. I have read something about the lack of NVMe support, but I don’t know where.

I’m running DuckDNS, Mosquitto Broker, Samba Share and deCONZ. Will this run on a Barebone NUC 10?

For what I read, most people prefer an Ubuntu installation with HA in Docker, but I don’t want to maintain a ubuntu Machine with updates and security especially when I expose it to the Internet.

I just want a stable as possible HA System, with less maintenance as possible :wink: