Itunes component: add shuffle support (which is supported by underlying server layer)

I wanted to use the shuffle button built into the mini media player card for lovelace, but it appears that this integration is not in this component, though it is supported by itunes-api. Any chance to add it?

Hi, would you be so kind as to help me install itunes-api?
I downloaded the Itunes api master folder, from when I run the scripts it tells me: command not found.

Make sure you are in the directory below the script directory when you run


ie, if you do


you should see



I just realized I didn’t put this as a feature request as I intended, so if it works and you want to reward me, and get shuffle implemented, go upvote here:

I entered the directories with command
cd Desktop
cd itunes-api-master
and now with ls command I see


after that, what command should I give?

As explained at it’s github page


needs to be run first, then


Will just run the server in the shell window you are in now (but if you close the shell, you will probably also lose the server).


will attempt to install it as a service (failed for me)

You can tell if it’s working by going to


If you see a big itunes logo and iTunes API, it’s working.

Hi, I managed to install itunes server. But now every time I restart the computer I have to restart the itunes server from the terminal. Is there a command to do it automatically?

It’s supposed to do that when you do script/install… But it doesn’t appear to work… I opened an issue on github but it appears the developer has abandoned the component…

Ok, but suppose that every time I start the mac, I launch the script by hand, however itunes does not work in home assistant because it remains offline

Yes, obviously iTunes needs to be running… Try to start it up and then see if you can see the itunes-api server.

Ok, now, every time I start the mac it starts up itunes and itunes server.
This is my config:

  • platform: itunes
    name: iTunes
    #… if i write only host: she don’t work
    port: 8181

the tunes, however, remains always offline. I do not see the play button

I have to add some other rtiga to see my playlists?

If it’s working, you can go to and it will show you a list of all your playlists in JSON format. Then you know itunes-api is working and you have a problem on the homeassistant config side.

My config is here if you want to see how I did in on hass side.:

I wouldn’t try doing playlists first from hass, they are not easy. Just see if you can get play/next, etc working, then we will work on playlist buttons (I have them in my config).

Try doing just this, it’s all I needed to get 8 airplay speakers and my iTunes library to show up with all features:


  - platform: itunes

Yeah that doesn’t look good. Probably failed to connect to iTunes… You will want to make sure it starts after iTunes starts… It’s good to start it with script/server so you can see the log output and what happens immediately. Once you have it working with script/server, then you can try to have it autostart.

Forget about forever for now, I wasn’t able to get it to work… Just run script/server and see what happens. Make sure iTunes is running.

Ok. Tell me at least which version operating system you are on

I’m on 10.11 (El Capitan). I hope it didn’t break in later versions as I’m about to upgrade.

I solved.
I had so many problems because I was trying an installation on lion, now I’ve updated to High sierra it’s all working out great. However it was not so simple. I will explain my procedure hoping that it will serve someone.
First you need to install node for osx
after, execute the command in the terminal:
sudo / usr / local / bin / npm install forever -g

then copy the itunes api master folder into documents and from the terminal:
cd Documents / itunes-api-master

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Wow I didn’t expect anyone would be on an older version than me ;-). Glad you got it going.

Now that I’ve configured itunes, could you explain how to create a playlist?