I've made a plant and environment monitoring sensor (alternative to Xiaomi Flora sensors) that's compatible with homeassistant and lasts 1 year on battery

Hello everybody!

I’m not sure this is the place to post this, and I am sorry if I chose the wrong category, however I wanted to share with you something I’ve made.

It’s a environment and plant monitoring sensor that’s plug-and-play compatible with Homeassistant. It measures parameters such as: soil moisture (capacitively), soil temperature, air temperature. air moisture, air relative humidity and illuminance.

It transmits data via Bluetooth Low Energy or via USB-C and can last on a small CR2032 battery for up to 1 year.

Other notable features:

  • the soil probe is replaceable
  • it just appears in the Homeassistant integrations page, as data is transmitted in the BTHome data format
  • the sensor’s firmware can be upgraded
  • the sensor configurable and the soil probe can be calibrated for different soil types
  • it comes with a 3D printed case with magnet for easy mounting to magnetic surfaces
  • can also be used without soil probe as a simple Temperature, Humidity and Illuminance sensor
  • can also be used while plugged in if you don’t want to deal with batteries

Here’s a picture of it (I would upload more pictures, but I am limited to a single picture since I am a new user on this forum):

If what I said sparked your interest, please check out the website, which contains more information: https://sensus.klausen.tech/

I would love to hear your feedback and would love for you to try it out :slight_smile:

Thank you and I wish you all a nice day!