Jaguar Landrover InControl Integration


Yes this is correct. It only reports its position infrequently and mainly on engine off. The only way of doing what you are thinking (without a phone), is to buy a cheap GPS telematics unit and wire into the 12V power socket in the boot (assuming you have it). It is pretty cheap to do and ensures that it is not powered when the engine is off.

The other way I have achieved this is (again as always with HA - depending on your router), you can detect when your phone connects to home Wifi. Mine generally does this on the drive and most times triggers the action quickly (but not always). I use this to turn the outside lights on if it is dark when arriving home. Normally on by the time I get out of the car - but maybe I mess about a lot! :wink:


Thanks Mark, Much appreciated!

I already have the ‘ping’ detect upon WiFi connection, I was just looking for an option that triggers slightly further away.

Thanks for the info and as I say everything else is fantastic so great work!

Kind regards


Does starting the car only work for EVs? I have an XE and can’t get it to auto start. I don’t get any errors when making the call and when I go into the jaguar app it appears to show my engine is running but when I go out to the car it is not.

Any advice?

Figured it out. I was using the “_info” as the entity. I started using the “_status” and it started working.

Thanks for this integration!

That’s a bit wierd as it shouldnt matter which sensor you use as it only needs an entity to work out which car you send the request to, so it can support multiple cars on the same account.

If the app says the engine is running then it it has correctly sent the request to the JLR servers. Would appreciate if you could try again with the info sensor and if it consistantly does not work or if it was some anomoly.

Glad youre liking the integration.

Just tried again with the _info entity and it worked fine. Must have been an anomoly. Thanks again!