Jarvis Assistant


I am working on making my house run with Jarvis as the Voice Assistant. So I thought it would be cool to combine a ESP32 voice setup with a 3D printed Iron Man Helmet.

Video demo

For the hardware I used

ESP32 NodeMCU CP2102
MAX98357A Dac AMP
INMP441 Microphone
And 3W 8Ohm speaker

For the helmet I printed this in PLA, sanded and painted it. This whole process took about 4 weeks with few hours a day to complete start to finish.

For the eyes I used some flexible LED eyes for cosplays. Those have some standard positive / negative wiring so that could be easily added to the ESP32 board.

I did also use a custom wake word “Jarvis” instead of “Hey Jarvis”. I am not getting false positives at all so that’s nice.

With the addition of micro wake word on the new ESP32 S3 board (still on the way) I hope I can add a wake sound as well. That’s the only thing that is missing in my opinion.

I’m also thinking about making some Arc Reactors and putting some Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W with Mic HAT. And making them into Voice Satellites for the other rooms.

I hope you guys will like this and if you have any question or tips, please leave the down in the comments. Maybe I have inspired people to do the same projects. It took a lot of work but it’s all worth it in the end!



Great looking build! My Daughter would love this (she’s 29 lol)
Your hard work has certainly paid off , nice clean looking and they eyes look great. Good Luck!

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do you have the source to get the sounds, I have a nack of making ai voices say words correctly. (as you know some are said completly wrong. Check out what I have done previously.)

Oh nice! Do you happened to have some cool activation sound to play like “Jarvis”?

I just downloaded some sound I found online for now.

These are very awesome, well done!
How do you use them within your home and automations?

Any chance you’d be able to do one for Cortana (as in, the Jen Taylor version from the games and TV show)? :slight_smile:

I have just added the new ESP32 S3 board. And I must say it does run faster. And it does recognize the wake word a lot better and from further distances. So overall worth the upgrade! :slight_smile:

The results of the contest are out!
They may be of interest to you :wink:
Have a look!

Sorry its been a while since I have been home, the files have to be on the system, then play them to a speaker,

service: media_player.play_media
  media_content_id: >-
    http://homeassistant ip/local/media/audio/jarvis/the-evening-is-upon-us-sir-i-am-closing-your-blinds.mp3
  media_content_type: audio/mp3
  entity_id: media_player.living_room_speaker

for alexa its a bit more complicated and they have to be behind a https address to play.

I only got as far as 4 jarvis responses though and even then I was not happy with the sound.

is there a github project of this that I can checkout?