Jasco Enbrighten Z-Wave Outdoor/Indoor 40A switch

Hi all, I am new to Home Assistant and have been learning a great deal thanks to those who have written great how-to posts. I’ve been able to get things working (at least from a simple on and off automation for my lighting).

I recently moved to a house that has a pool and the associated pool pump that goes with it. I have purchased a Jasco Enbrighten Z-Wave Direct-Wire Outdoor/Indoor Smart Switch, 40A, Gray
to control the old single speed pump until I make some repairs to the pool itself.

Since this product is a z-wave device, I thought that it would work well with Home Assistant. I am able to use the app to turn the pump pn and off.
Unfortunately, I am unable to create an automation because when I select the device under actions, it says no actions.

My question is, has anyone used this in Home Assistant with an automation?

If so I need a bit of help with respect to this.

I don’t have that device, but there a few things that you can check. There are different ways to use devices in an automation: ‘Call Service’, Device or State (entity).
Open the device in your list of Zwave devices and see what entities it has. Those entities should allow to be used for actions if the device itself does not allow actions (though unlikely).
If you don’t see any entities than the devidce was not properly added to HA, and try an exclude and a re-include.


Find the Entity for your Zwave device. Then in the automation use call service and try one of the switch services like switch.turn_on , switch.turn_off

hope that helps. I have other Enlighten zwave devices, not your specific one. They do work well with home assistant.

I have the exact same device, and use it for the same purpose. When the device was added to Home Assistant, it created a number of entities. You want to use the switch entity in your automation. Here is a screen shot of my device.

Note that under “Controls” is an entity named Pool Pump (yours will likely have a different name, but will be listed under “Controls” as well.

Here are the details of the entity

You want to use that entity name (whatever yours is) in your automation. As mentioned above, you will use the call a service action in your automation like so

Good luck and be careful wiring the device if you do that yourself.

EndUser, Thank You for the information, knowing this will be helpful for making future automations! Lots to learn for sure, but it certainly has been quite a worthwhile project.

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I have many of their in-wall light dimmers and switches installed in my house. MY spouse thinks I’ve gone mad with this project, yet, just this week I found her looking on her phone poking around the dashboard I created. Months ago I couldn’t get her to even look at it! Progress! Thanks, I do need to keep in mind to look at the entities list.

Wow! exactly what I was looking for AND something new I have learned Thanks to you and all the others who replied!

Your reply, helped a great deal and I will be making an automation to test it out tonight as our temps are supposed to drop to 25.

I have read where I can test out the automation after creating it, so I will will be doing that when I am able to get back to the keyboard later today.

how many switch has? just 1?

Apologies, I have not been on the forum for a while.

Yes, it is one switch that can handle switching a single 240VAC load or two 120VAC loads. The instructions are clear and has diagrams on how to connect your load(s) to the switch.

I setup an automation shortly after I had requested help here and have found the switch to be reliable. It is mounted outside in the open and I have not had any issues with it dropping off of the z-wave network. If I need another one for whatever reason, I definitely would get it again.

Thanks, again to those that pointed me in the right direction for setting up the automation!