Jasco Zwave Dimmer switch doesn't reply to zwave commands until I manually press it

I have about 10 Zwave switches (Jasco, mix of Honeywell and GE). They’ve been working fine. Recently, like in the last month, my guest bedroom light switch does not respond to HA zwave commands until I manually actuate it. Then it responds to HA commands as normal. Not seeing anything weird in the HA logs, not sure what to look for in the OZW logs.

More details on symptoms:
I have a motion sensor in the guest bedroom linked to the problematic dimmer switch and a ceiling fan via Node Red. When I enter the bedroom, the ceiling fan turns on as expected, but the light doesn’t. Node Red confirms that it send the ‘turn_on’ command. I’ve used Lovelace and the Dev Tools to attempt to turn on the switch, no joy. Only when I manually press the switch rocker does the light turn on, and then it responds as expected to HA commands for the next indeterminate amount of time. I haven’t figured out how long of inaction it takes for the switch to ‘lose connectivity’.

Any thoughts?

Remove the node and re-add it.

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Also have you tried healing the network?

I had similar thing occur with some brand new inovelli switches, everything looked right but I couldn’t control them via RF only local, excluding and re-including resolved the trouble.

Thanks, that seems to have done the trick. This morning the light responded as expected to zwave commands.
Was hoping for a software/configuration fix, but removing and re-adding and re-naming only took 5 minutes (most of which was waiting for it to reboot and settle my zwave network), so no big deal.

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