Jasco Zwave Motion Dimmer / Remote Dimmer for 3 way

I’ve been looking for additional motion sensors and came across the Jasco Motion dimmers, which would be nice to not have another device hanging around. These specifically: Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Motion Dimmer, White. I’d be replacing some Lutron caseta switches in a few locations with these, relocating the Lutron dimmers elsewhere. These look like one of the few motion dimmer switches that would be a native integration with Home Assistant.

My question is in places where I have 3 way switches I almost always use a remote dimmer, pico/leviton, zooz has one. Is there a remote dimmer for the GE Jasco dimmers that can be used? If not, is there a suggestion on what to use with these?

The Jasco link to these switches here Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Motion Dimmer, White (byjasco.com) specifically calls out 2 different 3-way switching options:

  • 3-WAY READY – The smart device operates perfectly on its own or seamlessly integrates into multi-switch setups with required add-on switches – models 12723 or 46199. Up to four add-on switches can be connected to the same device.

Looks like 12723 is a standard toggle and 46199 is a Decora style switch.

Ok, I was thinking of something that didn’t require wiring at the remote location.

Many of remote locations are 4 gang boxes and I typically just wire them always on so I don’t have to deal with the wiring nightmare! The Lutron Pico is battery operated and the Leviton version is as well (https://www.leviton.com/en/products/dawdc-1bw).