Jeedom and HA or totally different things?


It seems someone didn’t told me the truth when I asked for solutions and sold me something wrong but I must deal with it now. This is my first domotics project and purchased a Jeedom Atlas Z gateway. The idea is to:

  • Have a Home Assistant server in the cloud where i will gather reads from this first and other to come gateways.
  • The gateways just take reads from sensors and sends them to the cloud server.
  • In case Internet is lost, the gateway should keep sensor reads and dump them to the cloud server whenever possible.

The thing is that I am starting to think they didn’t advise me well and suggested to use Jeedom when it is jsut not thought as a pure gateway but as an alternative platform to Home Assistan.

How should I proceed? Should I get rid of Jeedom and reuse hardware to get to what I need?

Thanks in advance,

You can achieve almost everything you want with Jeedom so don’t get rid of it yet.
To communicate between Jeedom & HASS, you have 4 easy ways:

  • Jeedom can push all it’s data to one url in Json format.
  • HTTP Jeedom Api
  • JsonRPC Jeedom API
  • Push to MQTT server using jMQTT plugin

But wondering, why using a HASS on the cloud now you have a Jeedom box ? Jeedom can do whatever Hass does, and it does it really well.