Jellyfin integration

Still looking for a solution; Using plex in the meantime!

Plex is what I’m trying to move away from. They’ve really ruined it over the last few years


I cant understand how so many people with Home Assistant use Jellyfin, but both integrations barely work…

Is there an other way that they use it? Because for me it seems like the Plex integration is waaaayyyy batter.

I have been using Jellyfin with HA for awhile and everything works. I even have NFC cards that my kids can tap to play specific movies or tv shows. Why do you say that the integrations barley work? Plex has become bloated with a ton of things that I do not need or want. Plex used to be what I used for years.

People don’t generally choose Jellyfin over Plex considering the quality of the HA integration :joy:

I used to use Plex as well. I moved to local Jellyfin once I discovered all of the telemetry data going back to Plex. Jellyfin / HA is working great for me.

It seems to be a problem on your side, unfortunately. Please share the errors with us, so we can make the integration better.

I haven’t heard of any errors or issues with Jellyfin in the last months, but as the statistics show, the integration is used by a few people:

The Jellyfin service was introduced in Home Assistant 2021.12, and it’s used by 2498 active installations. Its IoT class is Local Polling.

from integrations page