Jellyfin integration

Is there a way through HA to have a TV that I have jellyfin app on, for HA to tell that TV to play a random episode of a specific show? This is currently what I do with Plex but half the time Plex fails.

I am looking to move away from plex, but have some automation to shuffle TV shows on certain TVs.

Is this possible with this integration and jellyfin?

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How does the upcoming media card part work? I have the option checked but I don’t have a sensor to point the upcoming media card at.

If you look at the Jellyfin integration in the Integrations page then you should see a sensor.jellyfin_jellyfin entity. If you point your card to that entity then it should work. For the most basic setup it would be

type: custom:upcoming-media-card
entity: sensor.jellyfin_jellyfin
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Not to come to someones defense, but I honestly did not know about your integration, and I’m a Jellyfin fan boy (and what I think an active user here). I never ever would have looked into HACS for Jellyfin, as there was/is a native integration.
I know, I know, not very clever, but I really didn’t even think about. :slight_smile:

Btw. just stumbled into this thread and the first thing was to delete the native integration and tried yours - love it, even after only five minutes seems to be a lot more fun than the native one! :slight_smile: Thanks for that! :+1: :+1:

Amazing thanks, didnt think of looking there :roll_eyes:

Might need to raise a feature request to get the poster or fanart to show rather than the episode thumbnail. Trakt for example uses the fanart

I just always assumed there was something wrong with my Jellyfin server lol

I’m trying to setup the integration but get a config window without text for some options.
The first one is selected and the other two are not initially but I can click them, what do these mean ?
How to proceed?

Try changing the language in your user profile settings back and forth. Had that same problem, solved itslef after changing the language.

This is a screenshot, what should be there:


thanks for the screenshot, I now know at least what is there.
To my surprise when re-installing the integration in now popped up a correct window.
(I did try a couple of times earlier and purging the cache)

It doesn’t want to connect to my Jellyfin server but that’s a different story.

Tell me, and through jellybean, you can output video from the camera to LG TV as by analogy with PiPup?

Watch the video how Pipup works

this is not working


sorry for probably a dumb questiom but I can’t get the integration configured. I have removed the Official jellyfin integration, restarted HA, then installed this integration through hacs and restarted HA again ! If I go into Integrations it offers me only one choice (how do I know it’s the custom one and not the official one ?) and when I select it after a long time I time-outs stating the configuration flow could not be loaded and an unknown error :frowning:
I’m running latest official HA release.


Can someone please, please point me in the right direction? I have checked “Generate Upcoming card data”; however the sensor only gives this after doing so:

- title_default: $title
  line1_default: $episode
  line2_default: $release
  line3_default: $rating - $runtime
  line4_default: $number - $studio
  icon: mdi:arrow-down-bold-circle

If I check " Generate YAMC card data", then I get the following which I assume is as it should be:

last_search: ''
last_playlist: latest_movies
playlists: >-
  [{"name": "latest_movies", "description": "Latest Movies", "query": {"sortBy":
  "DateCreated", "sortOrder": "Descending", "includeItemTypes": "Movie"}},
  {"name": "latest_episodes", "description": "Latest Episodes", "query":
  {"sortBy": "DateCreated", "sortOrder": "Descending", "includeItemTypes":
  "Episode"}}, {"name": "nextup", "description": "Nextup", "query": {}}]
total_items: 6
page: 1
page_size: 7
data: >-
  [{"title_default": "$title", "line1_default": "$tagline", "line2_default":
  "$empty", "line3_default": "$release - $genres", "line4_default": "$runtime -
  $rating - $info", "line5_default": "$date", "text_link_default": "$info_url",
  "link_default": "$stream_url"}, {"id": "140accededeb72077181451410c150a9",
  "type": "Movie", "title": "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "tagline": "The
  Happiest, Dopiest, Grumpiest, Sneeziest movie of the year.", "flag": false,
  "airdate": "2023-03-17T04:29:26.9805755Z", "runtime": 83, "studio": "Walt
  Disney Productions", "release": "1937", "poster":
  "genres": "Fantasy,Animation,Family", "progress": 0, "rating": "\u2605 7.1",
  "info": "1456x1080 h264", "stream_url":
  "info_url": ""}, {"id":
  "f84d68cdf3dbd585fdae712d1e166a28", "type": "Movie", "title":
  "101.Dalmations", "tagline": "", "flag": false, "airdate":
  "2023-03-17T04:27:41.9514112Z", "runtime": 79, "studio": "", "release": null,
  "genres": "", "progress": 0, "rating": null, "info": "1280x720 h264",
  "info_url": ""}, {"id": "926166fb8e5c78160afd5a1cd046e06d", "type": "Movie",
  "title": "Pinocchio", "tagline": "When you wish upon a star, your dreams come
  true.", "flag": false, "airdate": "2023-03-17T03:59:06.9685717Z", "runtime":
  87, "studio": "Walt Disney Productions", "release": "1940", "poster":
  "genres": "Animation,Family", "progress": 0, "rating": "\u2605 7.1", "info":
  "958x720 h264", "stream_url":
  "info_url": ""}, {"id":
  "c8df58a0efda518938cb1ff9f34238a7", "type": "Movie", "title": "Dumbo",
  "tagline": "The One...The Only...The FABULOUS...", "flag": false, "airdate":
  "2023-03-17T03:57:41.9423759Z", "runtime": 63, "studio": "Walt Disney
  Productions", "release": "1941", "poster":
  "genres": "Animation,Family", "progress": 0, "rating": "\u2605 7.0", "info":
  "960x718 h264", "stream_url":
  "info_url": ""}, {"id":
  "a3916f5f7cfc8fcb369f1919b366e707", "type": "Movie", "title": "The Lion King",
  "tagline": "Life's greatest adventure is finding your place in the Circle of
  Life.", "flag": false, "airdate": "2023-03-15T02:05:44.052408Z", "runtime":
  88, "studio": "Walt Disney Pictures,Walt Disney Feature Animation", "release":
  "1994", "poster":
  "genres": "Family,Animation,Drama", "progress": 12.066795645704701, "rating":
  "\u2605 8.3", "info": "1280x720 h264", "stream_url":
  "info_url": ""}, {"id":
  "7bd027e66a72f15d5eeda8fde5a6d68c", "type": "Movie", "title": "The Lion King",
  "tagline": "The King has Returned.", "flag": false, "airdate":
  "2023-03-15T01:45:39.5517488Z", "runtime": 118, "studio": "Walt Disney
  Pictures,Fairview Entertainment", "release": "2019", "poster":
  "genres": "Adventure,Drama,Family", "progress": 0, "rating": "\u2605 7.1",
  "info": "1920x1072 h264", "stream_url":
  "info_url": ""}]

I cannot get the YAMC card generated; therefore, I cannot utilize the YAMC data above. However I can get the Upcoming-Media-Card working but as you see above, the upcoming data isn’t available. I’ve been struggling for hours to determine a solution. I’m not looking to be spoon fed, if you can just please point me in the right direction.

I’m sorry, I am facing a total noob problem. Any help would be appreciated!

I installed the Jellyfin integration using the regular “+ ADD INTEGRATION” button. It connected to my Jellyfin server (version 10.8.9, running in docker-compose on a different machine) and offers a sensor and a media_player as expected. So far, so good. However, clicking the “browse media” button in the media_player gives me an error “Media Browser Error Unknown Error”.

My log says:

2023-04-20 10:57:33.337 INFO (MainThread) [Jellyfin] ---[ START JELLYFINCLIENT ]---
2023-04-20 10:57:33.412 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.helpers.integration_platform] Error processing platform jellyfin.media_source
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/helpers/", line 61, in _async_process_single_integration_platform_component
    await integration_platform.process_platform(hass, component_name, platform)
  File "/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/components/media_source/", line 88, in _process_media_source_platform[DOMAIN][domain] = await platform.async_get_media_source(hass)
  File "/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/components/jellyfin/", line 58, in async_get_media_source
    jellyfin_data: JellyfinData =[DOMAIN][entry.entry_id]
KeyError: '786d05774439733b3b73de559c611234'

My docker-compose.yml in case it might be relevant:

version: "3.5"
    image: jellyfin/jellyfin
    container_name: jellyfin
    user: 1000:1000
    network_mode: "host"
      - /home/user/docker-compose/jellyfin/config:/config
      - /home/user/docker-compose/jellyfin/cache:/cache
      - /mnt/media1:/media
      - /mnt/media2:/media2:ro

    restart: "unless-stopped"
      - JELLYFIN_PublishedServerUrl=http://jellyfin.local

Please help me!

Has anyone got media browsing working? I get Unknown error when accessed from the device info panel, and if I try via HA Media Browser, 100 % of my media are “incompatible” and thus hidden.

I need to know if this is a known broken feature or something not working on my end. Given the state of media support in HA (laid to waste, barely working and never updated), I don’t want to waste too much time. Thanks.

And there is no way to bypass/allow this?

I have Jellyfin running on a pc and the media hosted on a NAS. I’m able to browse/play media via a chromecast, 3 nest minis, a roku streaming stick, and a google nest hub without issue. At least for me, the feature is not broken.

Anyone knows how to start a playlist from HA?

Did you ever figure this out?