Jellyfin Playback Notification

To help emulate the Tautulli playback notifications i have setup the following on my Jellyfin server and HA to send me a notification when someone starts playing a movie or show.

Jellyfin Generic Webhook on Playback event, URL is the URL of your HA Webhook:

    "Name": "{{{Name}}}",
    "Username": "{{{Username}}}",
    "NotificationUsername": "{{NotificationUsername}}",
    "SeriesName": "{{SeriesName}}",
    "SeasonNumber00": "{{SeasonNumber00}}",
    "EpisodeNumber00": "{{EpisodeNumber00}}",
    "Year": "{{Year}}",
    "ServerName": "{{ServerName}}",
    "NotificationType": "{{NotificationType}}",
    "DeviceName": "{{DeviceName}}",
    "ClientName": "{{ClientName}}",
    "ItemType": "{{ItemType}}",
    "ItemId": "{{ItemId}}",
    "ServerUrl": "{{ServerUrl}}",
    "ServerId": "{{ServerId}}",
    "Thumbnail": "https://URLOFSERVER/Items/{{ItemId}}/Images/Primary",
    "ItemUrl": "https://URLOFSERVER/web/index.html#!/details?id={{ItemId}}&serverId={{ServerId}}",
    "Provider_tmdb": "{{Provider_tmdb}}",
    "Provider_imdb": "{{Provider_imdb}}"

I have to hardcode my Jellyfin URL as the serverUrl variable doesnt work for me - not sure why.

Here is my automation YAML

alias: Jellyfin Webhook Notification
description: ''
  - platform: webhook
condition: []
  - service: notify.mobile_app_iphone
      title: '{{ trigger.json.ServerName }}: {{ trigger.json.NotificationType }}'
      message: >-
        {{ trigger.json.NotificationUsername | capitalize }} started playing
        from {{ trigger.json.ClientName }} on {{ trigger.json.DeviceName }}
        subtitle: >-
          {% if trigger.json.ItemType == 'Episode' %} {{ trigger.json.SeriesName
          }} - S{{ trigger.json.SeasonNumber00 }}E{{
          trigger.json.EpisodeNumber00 }} - {{ trigger.json.Name }} {% else %}
          {{ trigger.json.Name }} ({{ trigger.json.Year }}) {% endif %}
        image: '{{ trigger.json.Thumbnail }}'
        group: jellyfin-notification-group
        url: '{{ trigger.json.ItemUrl }}'
          - action: URI
            title: View on IMDB
            uri:{{ trigger.json.Provider_imdb }}
mode: single

Here is the notification, opening it will show you a cover or thumbnail from the show and provide a link to IMDB. Tapping the notification opens up the jellyfin server to the item being played.

So although this all works i was wondering if there was a better way of doing this or how else this could be expanded upon?

There doesnt appear to be a good way to make the actions contextual, i.e. if TV show show these actions else show these.


Nice job! Can you help me for configure that notifications?
I don’t know where i should put the webhook template for notification.
Thanks in advance!

You need to setup this first - Automation Trigger - Home Assistant

Then make sure you have the webhook plugin installed in jellyfin, add a new generic webhook pointing at your URL.

All it’s done :grinning:
But how i need configure the Webhook plugin for Jellyfin?
This plugin don’t have any configuration in UI.

Yes it does. Go to admin > plug-ins > we hook

Add Generic Webhook and complete the form.

I think it’s work, but in Home Assistant i get this error:

I’m using just the generic one. Not the form one.

this is great can you share how to do it… what is URL of HA Webhook
My ha server is
what should i add in server url?

@eximo84 what should i add here in webhook destination url?

In HA. Create a new automation with the webhook trigger. You will be given a url. Use this URL in Jellyfin.

@eximo84 thanks it works… But is their any way to listen to the webhook event and see what data did we actually receive? I want to try some automations based on the values I get

Yes you can use a service on line to consume webhooks and then see the json. Also the webhook plugin has all the details.

I have since set a webhook sensor that populates when playing passing over movie info etc so I can trigger automations to lights.

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what is this…is this under jellyfin or ha… so far i tried to use debug in nodered to read all the values. and made a sensor and attributes to make automation something similar and also i use webscarping to get the user reports to my dashboard to show up in graph, to see how much time am i spending each day.
i alredy have rescue time setup soo if i start to watch movie or series in my prodcutive hours i get notifictaion to make sure i just stop using it ,also im able to send android notification which kills the app instantly or open my productive app.
thanks again

A tool like postman where you send the json data to so you can read it.

Trying to set this up but get:

Error rendering data template: UndefinedError: 'dict object' has no attribute 'json'

Using the templates above. Generic webhook option. ;/

According to the HA documentation, to send payload data it is necessary to specify the Content-Type header with the value application/json. You can do this by setting a new Request Header in Webhook plugin Jellyfin:

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Thanks very much for sharing this! Was able to get it up and running in about 10 minutes or so thanks to your shared config and the Q&A in this thread. Quite a nice automation :smiley:

There’s a custom component now, I think there’s notifications in that

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Thank you so much for this config!
I always wanted to send notifications to my TV and phone when new content was added, with some minor adjustments based on your config it now works like a charm!

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That information is gold, thanks so much for sharing!

I’ve just been looking for a way to trigger a notification test in jellyfin, guess there isn’t one yet. But thanks again for the work you did!