Jerry Martin

I just got a package of Jerry Martin Smart Switch and was hoping it was HA-ready.

I can’t figure it out.

I’ve seen references online that I could flash it to (or is it “with”) tuya and/or tasmoto, but I have no experience with either.

Is there an easy way to have HA recognize these switches?



Or should I just abandon them and get different switches?


It depends on which ones you bought; they (Martin Jerry) actually do sell some with Tasmota already flashed. I personally don’t have any experience with them, though.

I bought the non-tasmota switches and will return them and get the tasmota ones.

I also bought the tasmota dimmer and spent the morning learning how to set up MQTT and Tasmota and got it working.

Very powerful stuff!

I hope to be able to add these switches located at remote locations (from the HA server) via VPN. (No idea if it will work.)