Jewish_calendar no Internet


Would the jewish_calendar calendar integration work when the internet is down for a long time?

Or does it need internet connectivity to get its information and once the internet is down then it will loose its info?


If you are using this Jewish Calendar Integration than you can see the IoT class here:

The problem is when you click on the “Calculated” link, there is no definition for Calculated - the documentation has not been updated with that definition.

But according to a closed GitHub issue, the Calculated classification is: The integration does not handle communication on it’s own, but calculates the state.

So, I would assume the integration will still work when the internet is down as long as your host system (that is running Home Assistant) can maintain the current time; therefore, the question is dependent on how well/long your host system can maintain time without an internet connection.

What hardware is Home Assistant running on?

Raspberry pi

What model pi?

Raspberry pi 4 model B

The RPi 4B does not have a real time clock (RTC) which means it must get the time from a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server to set the local time. HAOS tries to use the NTP server provided via DHCP from your router. NTP servers are typically out on the internet unless you have configured your own local NTP server and have configured your network to use it.

The RPi 4B will get the time from the NTP server during initial boot. I’m pretty sure HAOS will not boot on the RPi 4 unless it can set the time from an NTP server. I do not know how often it will try to resync with the NTP server after booting or what will happen if a resync fails.

So, if HAOS is up and running and the internet fails, you will probably be able to run for some unknown (to me) time.

Some options to address loss of internet include:

  1. Configure and maintain your own local NTP server
  2. Add a RTC to the RPi 4
  3. Migrate to a host computer that already has a RTC

Thanks so so much for your help

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Ive looked into buying and installing the an rtc to my pi
But is it simple to install and program it on a pi running haos?

The short answer is no, it’s not easy.

Waw thanks for your fast responses

So as i understand the rpi5 does not need it programming
And i see that the same with tge ha yellow comes with a built in rtc and probably doesnt need programming

Am i right

Thanks for your support

That is correct.