Jewish Calendar prayer times

I’m not sure if this is the right place for this discussion, but I have an observation about the Jewish Calendar times. This topic is pretty esoteric to most people so I apologize in advance…

I suspect that two of the times are swapped.

For example.
sensor.jewish_calendar_latest_time_for_tefilla_gr_a for my location is coming up as 9:45 AM, while sensor.jewish_calendar_latest_time_for_tefilla_mg_a is 10:11.

When I do the calculation myself, sunrise is 6:56 and sunset is 4:48. This is a total of 952 minutes, which when divided by 12 to get proportional hours, that comes to 49.333 minutes. The Gra’s opinion is that the latest time is 4 proportional hours into the day, so that would come to 3:17 after sunrise, and that is 10:13 AM.

There appear to be many interpretations of the MGA’s opinion, but the one I will go with is that the calculation starts 72 minutes before sunrise and ends 72 minutes after sunset. Today that would be 5:44 AM through 6:00 PM, and proportional hours are slightly over 61 minutes. So the MGA’s latest prayer time would be 9:45.

So based on this I think the times are swapped. I am not sure why there is a 2 minute discrepancy for the later time. Maybe someone can point me to where the code is for this stuff and I can take a look, but I am no coding expert.

If you mean this integration, there’s a link to the source.

Here you can also file an issue, if something is wrong.