Joaoapps Join notification: How to get message content in Tasker for Android

    alias: "Mobile notification"
      - service: notify.my_phone
          title: "The home {{ states.sensor.time.state }}"
          message: "Hello world" 

The script above sends a notification to my phone and I can se the title and the message as expected.

In Tasker, I’d like to get the content of the message, but the variable %antextbig remains empty.

Question: In what Tasker variable can i find the message content “Hello world”?

Any advice would be very appreciated.

(I am using this info to get my HA notifications read by a TTS in my phone when any headphones are connected. I can hear the title stored in %antitle but I cannot hear the message content.)

what messaging/notification service are you using?

I am using Joaoapps Join notification.

I don’t see that here, or am I being dense?

Here you go:

If you make a Profile in Tasker, you will have an Event trigger called “Join received push”, you’ll see the differents variable names availables, but test with %jointext, %joinmessage.

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I am using AutoNotification to grab info from notifications and that is working fine with all other apps aside from Join.

But @mjrival pointed me in the right direction. By using the “Join received push” instead (just for Join), I got the info I needed in the variables %jointitle and %joinmessage.

Now everything is working fine!

Thanks alot for all your help.

Anyone using the new ‘Actions’ in join? simpile to use, but not sure how to send the command throughb HA