Johnson Controls GLAS Thermostat

Anyone have any info on this thermostat and controlling it through either an API, REST commands, or other control? All I know is it’s a wifi enabled thermostat and uses an app for iOS or Android. You have to create an account but I don’t know what that gives you as far as control other than through the app. There’s no website control like Nest that I know of, but I haven’t created an account just to test.


It’s a great looking device… it would be nice to integrate it but have not heard of anyone doing that.

Consider putting in a feature request, I’ll upvote it if you do! I’m looking for something to replace my Nests once they turn off the old API…

I guess there is has been no work on this yet. How can I get started doing the work to integrate it with HA?

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Did anyone manage to configure GLAS Smart Thermostat by Johnson Controls.