Joining two zigbee networks / extenging range

I have house equiped with IKEA tradfri ligts and IKEA tradfri gateway. Home assistant has configured IKEA integration and is connected to IKEA gateway.
Few days ago I bought Zigbee USB stick and few LUMI door sensors. Sensors are connected to home assistat through zigbee integration. Few of them are working fine, few of them are out of range.

As I can see it I have in fact two separate zigbee networks. I’m thinking of joining them together so, light bulbs will act as repeaters for door sensors.

I can see hard way - turn off IKEA gateway and it’s integration and connect all IKEA tradfri items (switches, bulbs, motion sensors …) directly to home assistant through zigbee integration.
Is there any other way, for example pair USB stick directly to IKEA gateway?

Thank you

No. Ikea gateway does not work with LUMI sensors. So the only option is to do it the other way around.