Joplin Sync Server Add-on

Hi All,

For everyone who know “Evernote”… did you hear about Joplin?
Joplin is a great open source tool to manage all your notes. Have a lot of options.
Check their website:

When you want to sync all your notes over all your devices there is Joplin Sync Server:

This server can be installed as Add-On and you are able to sync all notes.


I’m not clear on how I configure the add-on using the official documentation. I still need to set up a reverse proxy? And docker compose? Isn’t that what the add-on does? I’m having no luck setting this up using Home Assistant and DuckDNS. The official documentation doesn’t translate well using the add-on because the add-on doesn’t really describe where to start with the official docs.


Im not the builder. We build from a other docker image.
You can install this add-on inside HA. So nothing special.

Any one get this addon work?

I installed and running it fine wihout any issue

Please share your configuration.

to expose joplin sync server on internet i using nginx proxy and create a rule like this in https and ssl certificate: -> ha_internal_ip:22300

in joplin addon:

DATA_LOCATION: /config/addons_config/joplin

Network port 22300

If whan’t use nginx proxy you must expose 22300/tcp port on your router and set APP_BASE_URL:

Are you using the “NGINX Home Assistant SSL proxy” addon or the “Nginx proxy manager” addon???

i use the Nginx Proxy Manager addon.

Is it also possible with cloudflare?

Yes it is. I have all my Addons running behind cloudflare

I can not get it to run

How can you transfer a specific note from joplin to Homeassistant (to display it on different stuffs)? for example how to transmit it in mqtt text?