Josh.AI? Anyone used it?

Has anyone had any experience with Josh.AI?

Saw it referenced for the first time here: The secret environmental cost hiding inside your smart home device - The Verge.

Looks intriguing, but currently doesn’t integrate with Home Assistant. I hope Assist can have such sleak voice devices!

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Yeah, so I’m a owner and have the hardware. Their hardware is fantastic and they basically have the equipment + UI you always wanted in Home Assistant.

The mobile app is … good.

With that being said they just announced their “Nimble DevSuite” integration for open source development integrations with their platform.

I’m not entirely sure how to get my hands on the dev documentation atm and what the limits are, but they told me that this should unlock HomeAssistant integration . . .

@thecodingart thanks for chiming in here! Did you have to hire a contractor to set it up for you or did you do it yourself?

What is your experience using I’m especially curious because my name is Josh and I want to make sure my name is being used well. :stuck_out_tongue: