Jottacloud CLI tool for backup on Home Assistant OS


I used to run Hass on Ubuntu, but have finally gotten around to install Home Assistant OS instead. About time.

On my previous solution I ran Jottaclouds CLI tool for backing up all of my Hass stuff. Worked great. But with Home Assistant OS I cant figure out a way to install the CLI tool and use this for backup. Anyone know if its possible? This is way out of my league to figure out, not at all a programmer.

Here is a link to a blog post about the CLI tool.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Using additional tools with Home Assistant OS is not possible as they would have to be part of the container. The only option (as far as I know) would be to use Jottacloud CLI tool in an addition container runing on Home Assistant OS and then invoke the backup from there.

I have thought of making it easy, install samba and backup from laptop with sync folder every time I log on my home WiFi. But would be great with a internal standalone solution.

I wasn’t aware that someone had prepared a container already! That might be worth a try. Thanks!