JS chunks not loading with Docker Install

I’m in the process of moving from an RPi install to a Docker setup. I ran into a very odd issue where Firefox isn’t able to properly log in and load the Lovelace home page. I looked at the JS console and it shows that some JS callbacks are missing, and it was also showing that it was failing to load some JS chunks.

The weird thing is that this is only happening on a regular Firefox session. If I do a private browsing session, it works perfectly. If I do a regular Chrome session, it also works perfectly, and a private Chrome session as well.

On my RPi setup, both Firefox and Chrome work perfectly.

I tried recreating the entire Docker setup from scratch, both with a completely blank config and with my existing configs but the issue persists. I also tried clearing all cache and cookies from Firefox but that didn’t work either.

Is there a way I can force the loading of the JS chunks so that I can use it with a regular Firefox session?

Edit: Forgot to mention the versions. Latest versions of Firefox on OSX and Windows, and latest version of Docker image.

Edit #2: Seems like this bug isn’t specific for Docker. I was successfully logged into my existing RPi instance with a regular Firefox session, logged out, and now the same problem is happening on the RPi instance. I’m going to file an issue in Github :slight_smile:

Hi @codebaker, did you solve this issue ? I’m having same problem since 0.112.x version. Still persist in 0.114.0 version. I have this issue on Android device too. In browser I can do refresh, which solve this issue, but on Android I need to close app and start it again, which is uncomfortable.

Hey @RadoZA, I was able to solve this issue by disabling the extensions I have for Firefox. I discovered one of my extensions (related to websockets) was breaking Firefox’s JavaScript implementation for websockets. As soon as I disabled the extension it was working :slight_smile: Not sure about the Android version though, haven’t run into that issue.